Latest album: Talahomi Way

Talahomi Way

The High Llamas album Talahomi Way is available to order on Amazon.

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Felix in Cork

 Many thanks to all at the Triskel in Cork for hosting The  High Llamas first show in 21 months , Felix the Cat.It was a joy.

Hereis a review of the event.


Been A While

It has been some time since we let you know of developments in Llamas land.indeed,you could be forgiven for thinking that its too quiet .Well,as always,the various band menbers are pursuing varied and  rewarding projects.There have been collaborations with visiting Brazilian artists, commissioned retrospectives ,collaborationsand tours.

 I can tell you now that we are on the next Llamas chapter,which may be a performance before it is a record.The piece is nearing rehearsal stage and as soon as we feel confident to announce details we will.Bear with us and you shall be rewarded.


Sean comes to your town

Sean O'Hagan will be playing a number of solo shows in  slightly unusual venues. They will be early evening events allowing you to catch the wee show on the way home from work.

See details on the events page.